3-Hour Rule Victory

Just a few short weeks ago, we shared with you that ILDOCC, CCAU, and SIECAT had plans to meet with DCFS regarding the 3-hour rule. After the meeting, we also shared with you that we felt as though this had been one of the most productive meetings we have had so far with the Department. The meeting ended with the promise that the Department would speak to the Governor’s Office and DHS about extending the 3-hour rule.

We are so EXCITED today to share with you the latest update — There has been an agreement made to continue the 3-hour rule in daycare guidance until AT LEAST June 1, 2023!!!

We know what you might be thinking right now … we do not want the rule to expire at all! And we agree, but now we have more time to continue that battle. We are also hopeful that since DCFS used the language of “at least” that means they are open to the idea of extending it even further.

There is an updated guidance that will be coming out this week to reflect this most recent change. This is a HUGE WIN for us all!!

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on the 3-hour rule and how valuable it is to your program. This information helped us show DCFS how important it is that this does not expire at the end of the year.

There is still a BIG mountain to climb, but today let’s just all be thankful for the few steps we have made and keep pushing on!!

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