Action Alert! Call your legislators today!

We shared with you a few weeks ago that HB 4491 passed unanimously out of committee. We are hopeful that this bill will be called on the house floor in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please take the time to call your local legislators to ask them to vote YES to HB 4491 and to encourage them to sign on as a co-sponsor to this bill.

You can use the prompt below when calling your legislators:

“Hello, my name is _____. I live in (city/county) and I am the (director/owner) of (childcare center name) in your district. I am calling to share with you about HB 4491. This bill allows flexibility the first and last hour of the program day by allowing a qualified teacher with 2 years experience to be present instead of a director qualified staff member. The childcare industry has been facing a long term staffing crisis, and this legislation could provide much needed relief to directors. Currently, some directors are working 12+ hours per day due to the requirement that a director qualified staff member be on site at all times of the day. I am asking you to vote yes to HB 4491 and encourage you to sign on as a co-sponsor of this bill.”

Please feel free to add personal stories to this prompt about how this bill could positively impact your center.

To find contact information to your local Senator and Representative, please visit the following link:

Find your legislators

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