Background Clearance Update

In case you missed it, last week we sent out an update from DCFS about a new portal that has been created that will allow owners/directors to check the status of background clearances for staff.

We are excited for this update because it means we will not need to wait to hear from reps to start potential employees.

However, this battle is not over. It is wonderful we have the ability to check for updates ourselves, but this will only help if we can make sure that clearances are completed at a faster rate. We want to assure our members that this update has not changed the fact we are working on this issue.

We are once again going to be partnering with CCAU, SIECAT, and Start Early to continue working on this issue.

We are sending a letter to DCFS and requesting a meeting to discuss our concerns. We hope to have more updates for you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned …

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