Become an ILDOCC member

It is the time of year that we are gearing up for another legislative session. There is a lot of work being done by ILDOCC behind the scenes, and we have some big goals for this legislative season.

We plan on focusing our energy on 3 importance topics:

  1. Teacher qualifications (by reintroducing our legislation from last year to change teacher qualifications)
  2. 3-hour assistant rule (in hopes of getting this put into statute instead of just policy guide to make it permanent)
  3. DQ staff during the first and last hour of they day (it is our goal to eliminate the need for this and hopefully decrease the need for some directors to work from open-close in their programs).

Why is this important information for you??

Because we can only continue to do this work thanks to our valuable paid members.

The annual fee of $250/year allows us to continue our relationship with our lobbying team who is working on our behalf up at the Capitol building.

Please take some time today to visit the “Join Us” page and become a member now.

Join us in this fight, and give yourself a voice in what happens in your program.

You can also make donations at the following link:

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