Clarification on DCFS Transmittal

There were many questions yesterday in regards to the informational transmittal that went out from DCFS and the language on “Probationary Employees.”

There has been some additional language added to the transmittal to clarify this section.

The transmittal from DCFS can be found attached below. The new 718-B-DC is also attached.

Please download a copy of the new background check form if you did not receive one from your DCLR.

The following is from the informational transmittal from DCFS in the section on Probationary Employees:


(d)(4) A prospective staff member may begin work for a child care provider described in paragraph (a)(2)(i) above after completing either the check described at paragraph (b)(1) or (b)(3)(i) above in the State where the prospective staff member resides. Pending completion of all background check components in paragraph (b) listed above, the staff member must be supervised at all times by an individual who received a qualifying result

on a background check described in paragraph (b) above within the past five years.

(45 CFR 98.43)

Both the Child Care Act of 1969 and the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act permit probationary/prospective employment of child care staff pending completion of all background check components.

Under the federal regulations, a prospective staff member may begin work for a child care provider after completing either:

• FBI fingerprint criminal background check; or

• ISP fingerprint criminal background check, and a criminal record check of each state criminal repository where such staff member resided during the preceding 5 years.



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