DCFS Background Check Portal is now live

FROM: DCFS Announcements

The DCFS Division of Licensing is pleased to announce that the Background Check Portal is now live on the DCFS website and the Sunshine website.

The background check portal allows licensed providers to:

  • Conduct a fingerprint search.
  • Check the status of background checks for all agency and institution and day care center employees.
  • Obtain background check forms.
  • Get the latest news and FAQ updates surrounding background checks.

Registration is required to use the portal. All information is confidential and shared only with authorized designated administrators.

To register:

  1.  Go to https://AccountManagement.dcfs.illinois.gov/Register.aspx to register your email account.
  2. Complete the Background Check Portal Access Request Form and send it to: DCFS.BCP.ADMIN@illinois.gov. (Approval takes up to five business days)
Additional assistance

For administrative user assistance or for questions related to the background check portal, please contact us by email at DCFS.BCP.ADMIN@illinois.gov.

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