DCFS Notice to Childcare Providers

Please find attached below the notice to childcare providers in regards to the 3 hour rule. This was filed into emergency ruling effective today.

Please pay careful attention to the new restrictions around this policy as they have changed quite a bit from the previous policy guidance.

We are aware that these changes make this rule difficult to utilize to support you in the midst of this staffing crisis. The language in this ruling does not line up with the legislation proposed by HB 3566.

Upon receiving this document, we immediately reached out to Chairwoman Mason, and she is working with us to address these issues with all due speed. As the sponsor of HB 3566, she is very aware of its value to our programs, and she is aware of our concerns about these changes made by the Department. We have full faith that she will continue to fight for this, and we are thankful for her support.

In the meantime, we encourage you to reach out to your legislators, the Governor’s office, and DCFS to let them know how much the 3 hour rule benefitted you the last 3 years and how much these new restrictions will negatively impact your program.

We have to get our voices heard!!


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