HB 4491 passed House and Senate

VICTORY!!! House Bill 4491 (the open/close bill) has passed the Illinois House and Senate!

The bill will now be sent to the Governor’s desk for approval before becoming a law. Once signed, the language clarifies this is effective immediately, and we will update you when this happens.

We would like to thank Representative Faver Dias (House sponsor) and Senator Johnson (Senate sponsor) for their tireless efforts in advocating for this legislation and the childcare industry.

Thank you to other advocacy groups for supporting this legislation and working with us to support this bill. This collaborative effort paved the way for this bill and will continue to pave the way for future collaboration.

Thank you to the Department for taking the time to meet and negotiate this bill in order to protect the safety of young children, best serve families, and support the delicate balance of running a program.

A special thank you to all the ILDOCC members who called legislators, sent emails, completed witness slips, and overall supported this work. This would not be possible without all of you.

ILDOCC has spent several years advocating for improvements for programs in Illinois and relief for the staffing crisis. HB 4491 was a initiative of ILDOCC that was made possible by the hard work of so many. We are proud to say that this is a HUGE step in the right direction and the future is looking bright for more changes to come!


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