Health Insurance Benefits

Do you wish you could provide better benefits for your employees? We hear that a lot when we talk to you! The teachers working in our programs NEED health insurance, for example, and the lack of this benefit causes many staff to leave your centers and even the field..

Like you, we know health insurance is not an easy benefit to offer financially for a program. Still, it is something all people need..

If you would like to check in to health insurance benefits to offer your staff, you might want to check into one of ILDOCC’s sponsors – The Danzig Group. Use the link below to visit their website.

Sarah, ILDOCC’s president, uses this company for the health insurance benefits she has for her staff. They come strongly recommended by her. She has used them for several years, and they have always made sure to prioritize her small business and make sure they are well taken care of.

If we want to remain competitive and keep staff, it makes sense to provide benefits that they not only want but need. We encourage you to check into this option and see if it is a benefit you could make work in your programs!

Danzig Group Your Insurance Benefits Partner

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