ILDOCC needs your support!

During the summer months, ILDOCC spends our time planning for the upcoming year. This is when all of the prep work is completed to begin the plans for the next legislative session.

It is also during this time that we begin to develop more relationships with legislators and other early childhood organizations to keep working towards our goals.

The summer months might be slow legislatively, but the work is far from over!!

Here is where you come in – we need your help and support to continue on this mission.

Membership has never been more valuable than it is now. People are starting to recognize ILDOCC as a force to be reckoned with, and we are making a name for ourselves at the Capitol building. We have champions in several legislators, and we are picking up momentum.

However, that momentum can only continue with the donations and memberships brought in by you all!!

If you have been receiving these newsletters for a while, please take the time to visit our website and join as a paid member. Your dollars are spent making sure our lobbying team can keep fighting on your behalf.

We are closer today to seeing real change happening than we ever have been before. Join today to help us make sure that we can keep fighting!!

Click the “Join Us” link below to submit your $250 membership fee. Download a copy of the membership form attached and email it to Dezaray at

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