House Bill 4491

HB 4491 aims to remove the need for a director qualified staff the first and last hour of the day. A teacher qualified staff with 2,880 hours of working experience would be able to be present the first and last hour in place of a director qualified staff. For the full language of this bill, please click here.


House Bill 4798

HB 4798 aims to solid the 3 hour rule into legislation to remove the restrictions put into place on it and ensure it will continue in the future. For more information on this bill, click here.


House Bill 5312

HB 5312 aims to make changes to the current qualification for early childhood teachers to prioritize on the job experience along with education. To read the bill, click here.

House Bill 4412

HB 4412 is tackling the important issue of background checks and the length of time for clearances. This bill is seeking to add additional vendors for finger printing to offer faster alternatives. For the full language, click here.