JCAR Meeting 10-17-23

If you missed the opportunity to watch the JCAR meeting today, please visit the link below to check out the conversation that took place with DCFS. We highly encourage you to listen in and see the impact we are having with legislators and how much our voices are now being heard.

Several JCAR members took the opportunity to discuss their utmost disappointment in this Department, and their belief that they should not be in charge of licensing.

This issue now has full bipartisan support, and it is clear that there is some real potential for change in the next General Assembly.

JCAR Meeting

Here is the question of the day though – what does this all mean for the 3 hour rule???

Well … it will still live to see another day, but with some changes.

Late in the week, DCFS proposed some changes to the permanent rule making to allow for an assistant to lead a classroom of children under the age of 2 so long as they have at least one year of experience. Although we have not seen this in writing and published yet, so we will know more details on this when it is released.

Although it was our hope the rule would remain as it has been, DCFS left no choice but for JCAR to adopt these changes otherwise the emergency rule would expire at the end of the month and we would be left with nothing.

There is hope though to continue this discussion in the future and work towards this going back to the original rule.

We will notify everyone when this change has been filed officially. For now, continue to use the 3 hour rule in the same way you have been under the emergency rule.

Today though, we are celebrating the victory that the tide is changing! We have been climbing this mountain for a long time, and today is evidence of the hard work being done and how much education we have provided to legislators on this very important topic.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all of the representatives and senators who spoke on our behalf today. All of this work is only possible with their support!

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