JCAR Meeting


Today, the Joint Committee on Administrative Ruling (JCAR) held their June monthly meeting.

On the agenda of the meeting today was discussion on the emergency ruling of the 3 hour rule and discussion on the complaint ILDOCC filed back in February against DCFS for operating outside of the official rule making process.

If you missed the meeting, please find a recording of the JCAR meeting (only the section about DCFS) below.

In summary of the meeting, it was evident that JCAR is hearing our complaints. There was a lengthy discussion on the 3 hour ruling where legislators made DCFS address their reasoning for adding additional restrictions on the 3 hour rule.

It was determined that DCFS is willing to make changes to the language of the 3 hour rule; however, the Department seems to be standing firm that the 3 hour rule was never intended to be used with children under the age of 2.

When a new ruling has been filed, we will send out notice to everyone, and if there are still restrictions, we plan to continue to adovocate against them and will be sending out more letters before the July JCAR meeting.

Assuming the Department keeps their word this time and proposes a new emergency ruling, this is a HUGE WIN! A huge win made successful by all of you who took the time to email and call your legislators.

Please consider visiting our join us page and becoming a paid member of ILDOCC so we can continue this work! It is your dollars that keep the organization going, and we would be unable to continue ILDOCC without you!!

JCAR Meeting

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