New state agency passed by the House

On Thursday, May 9, 2024, the Illinois House fully passed the development of a new state agency for early childhood. The Department of Early Childhood (DEC) will take over all areas of early childhood including: licensing for childcare, Early Childhood Block Grants, subsidizing childcare, home visiting, and Early Intervention.

The legislation, Senate Bill 1, provides the legal authority to begin setting up the new agency. This agency is anticipated to be operational on July 1, 2026.

The development of this new agency that will take over licensing will bring some much needed changes to licensing and improvements to early childhood in the state.

ILDOCC looks forward to working with legislators and other early childhood advocates as this new agency is developed and being the voice for childcare centers across Illinois.

ILDOCC is still working hard with legislators on the open/close bill and the background check bill as they move forward through the legislative process. We are hopeful for more positive updates next week for both of these bills. Stay tuned …

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