Newsletter 4-21-22

Last week, we shared some exciting news about stopping the proposed rule changes from DCFS. We have been so thrilled with the amazing feedback we have gotten from this.
One member, Joanna Varda, shared after looking at the proposed rule changes that“it seems like there is also a significant amount of clarification included in the revisions but some are tightened restrictions masquerading as clarifications. In any event, the expiration of the deadline is a win for now!!” And we could not agree more!
Now that we have celebrated that HUGE success, ILDOCC is moving on to our next round of work.
This is, of course, an election year here in Illinois, and we are gearing up for the primaries in June. ILDOCC is working on gathering information from each candidate to share with our members on their stances on key early childhood issues, specifically in regards to the staffing crisis.
Working with our lobbying team, we have drafted a survey of 5 questions that will be sent out to candidates for senator, representative, and governor about issues childcare providers are facing. The results of this survey will be sent out to all members to help you make some informed decisions before heading to the voting booth.
The hard work for this survey will be so beneficial to all ILDOCC members, and we are thrilled to be able to provide this information to you. The people who win this election will determine the future of for childcare providers, and it is crucial we do our research to make sure that they are the best fit for the job!
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