Request for transfer of background clearance

FYI – For all transfer requests for background clearance, each director and owner must submit a CFS 718-4 form to the Background Check Unit at the Central Office for Licensing.

The most recent version of this form was revised in 9/2020. HOWEVER, this form has been changed more recently. The old version of the form includes an incorrect fax number that is no longer operational. The form was updated with a correct fax number, but the revision date was not changed.

To ensure you have the correct form, use the link below to download and save the most recent and correct PDF.

Many of you are being asked by your reps to submit the forms directly to them instead of submitting them yourselves to the Background Check Unit.

This is NOT a secure way to send this form that includes personal information such as social security numbers. Please remember the step of submitting these forms to your rep first is simply just an ASK and it is not in RULE.

You can choose to not send these via email if you feel it is a security risk. Instead, you can download the correct Request for Transfer form and fax it directly in yourself.

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