Supervisory Review Survey

We are collecting data to share with JCAR in regards to the supervisory review process in order to benefit our programs and make sure that we have the ability to advocate for ourselves and our businesses.

This information is important to ensure JCAR understands the supervisory review process and makes sure that we have ways to stand up for our centers.

Currently, the results of the supervisory review process are the final ruling that can be made. If a director or owner requests a supervisory review based on a violation they have received from their licensing rep, the supervisor of the rep has the sole decision making power to determine if the violation will stand or be overturned.

It is our belief that the rules need to include a next step after the supervisors decision for owners to continue fighitng for their programs. An unbiased person should be the one making these determinations, not the coworker sitting side by side with the reps each and every day.

JCAR has asked how many programs have gone through these supervisory review processes and felt it was not a successful experience for them. Please complete the attached Google Form about the supervisory review process and your experience with it.

The results of this are crucial for us in continuing to advocate on behalf of your programs, so please take a few minutes to complete it.

Thank you.

Take the survey here! 

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