Thank You!

A new school year has started, and we know this can bring a lot of changes to our programs. We know you are all busier than ever right now, but we hope you recognize your value to us here at ILDOCC headquarters.

We cannot thank you enough for all for your support to ILDOCC. The information and stories you share with us are literally what we use when talking with those in power at DCFS and with the Governor’s office (while keeping your identifying info anonymous, of course!!) to help make progress happen.

We also want to thank you for all of the donations you have made to ILDOCC in the last two weeks. We are working so hard to make sure those funds are used wisely. We know this is a battle we need to fight, but we also know that change can only happen one step at a time. After all – the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, right??

Without you all and your contributions to the organization, we would not be able to do the work that we are doing. This is why ILDOCC was formed in the first place. We are an organization made up of directors and owners across the state who are tired of being over-regulated and who are tired of doing the work with no say in what happens next. So your stories and your support are what make our efforts possible.

You are ILDOCC!

Please continue to reach out to us with any concerns you are facing. We will keep doing our best to help you through these difficult times. If you have not already joined ILDOCC as a paid member, please do so. Become a part of this professional organization and get your voice heard — that is the only way we can make change.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our members!!

We can only take credit for any progress made because of YOUR efforts. There is power in numbers, and we are sure thankful to you for ours!

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