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In case you missed it …
Watch the video above to check out the interview with WGN about the staffing crisis in childcare and the 3 hour rule.
DCFS shared examples of two times where violations had been issued to programs for assistants being left in the room, and there were negative outcomes for the children. They claim this is the reasoning for them not wanting to allow assistants to run rooms with children under 2.
Here are our questions to DCFS – where were the directors when these situations happened? Are you saying that these circumstances only happened because an assistant was in the room and that there is no evidence that this can happen regardless of the qualification level in the room?
It is clear that DCFS is using this information to make it seem like children under 2 have been consistently unsafe under the supervision of assistants; however, the truth is that this rule has been overwhelmingly positive over the last 3 years for the majority of programs. It is clear our voices are being heard, and we have to continue the fight!!
To read the article WGN published about this, use the link below.
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